oh, well. i’m struggling to find enough time to be here and there. juggling between accounts isn’t that good for health. XD

i’m itching to talk about haters.  let’s start with the kpop world.
im sorry but i really can’t understand why, would you spread rumors, or full of hatred comments bout the group u don’t like. i mean, come on, if u have that much time, why don’t u go and do somethg to help ur fav group instead? why would u even bother to google photos or facts or rumors bout these people you hate? can’t get enough of them, can u?

too bad im not in the industry, if i do, prolly i’ll be the queen, with the most haters around, and no single fan. =_= hehehe, not that i’m complaining.
it’s irritating you know? coz when i do it, u call it rude, u say im outspoken. but if some fav people of your do it, u say, “oh, its just him being him…” rofl. u can say whatever u want, coz i dont give a damn. im good on my own. i’ve a family, bf, n friends who dearly love me. 🙂

Poem from the past…

This is a poem from past… He’s a history, but I wish he’s doing fine now….
What can I do..
What can I do,
You’re the only one who makes me move,
another day goes by that I gloom,
sometimes I wish I didn’t have feelings for you,
but I am thankful that fate let me to you.
I seldom speak,
until sometimes it may show that I am weak,
I often feel tense at times you’re nearby,
the sight of you makes me nervous I don’t know why,
but I’m on cloud 9 when I hear you say hi.
I love you,
more than anyone ever will,
even when they say I’ll never be the one you want,
but is it my fault to fall in love with you,
when I’m following my heart which tells me it’s you I need,
in my life….
You’re beautiful,
so beautiful to my eyes I’m crying writing this,
but no one will understand how I feel about you,
or the times I’m feeling dark and blue,
it’s always worse when I’m missing you.
and I admit I think about you everyday,
I wish I could meet you in any way,
but sometimes I don’t want to see you,
because it hurts me so much when I do,
I wish I was the one loving you.
I tried to hide that I’m jealous of the one you chose,
the sound of his name tears my heart apart I’m lost,
but it doesn’t matter,
I’ll never be the one you need I suppose,
in your life….
I want to hold your hand,
and I wish we were more than just friends,
but some dreams can never come true,
so I try not to understand,
all the feelings I have for you.
If I could only touch you,
You’d know I’d never make you cry,
You’re the only one
I’ll ever need,
If only I weren’t so shy,
then I won’t watch you pass me by.
Still It may be too late now,
but I wish I could look into your eyes,
and tell you all I feel about you,
how much I need you by my side,
but you belong to someone it won’t be right.
One day I hope to win your trust,
then we could write a story about us,
all my life I’ve wanted someone to hold on to,
I want you to know that I wish it were you,
and I hope one day you’d feel the same way too.


Letting go…,

I’m not giving up… But of course I’m scared and worried… I’m just a mere fan that’ll hurt if they disband. Sigh… But I’ve decided, I’ll be there to cheer for them, to laugh and cry with them…comes hell or high water, comes what may. Not that I don’t mind, I do, of course. But if they decided to disband..and that’ll make them happy, I’ll accept it with a smile. I trust that they won’t do it just for the sake of doing it, u know? It’s their time to be happy, let’s support them even if that’s what they decided… After all, they too have dreams… N I bbt said anythg like I’m going to love them only when they’re five. Let’s keep praying that they won’t but let’s prepare if they really do… SS501 saranghae…

And a start is a start.

im not sure how this works, but let’s figure it out together.


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